Manufacturing Service

We provide a superior quality manufacturing service of tools or parts that can be used in construction machine(pin, gear, shaft etc.) , marine engine, agricultural machine, and etc. Safe, convicing quality and ON TIME! Also, we provide manufacturing service for one or more of your any kind manufacturing processes including finishing process. Do not hesitate to contact us for inquiry.

Our Facilities

  • Centering Machine with auto loader
  • Centering Machine with NC sytem
  • Centering Machine (fully robot equipped)
  • NC lathe (fully robot, Maxφ250x800mm)
  • NC Turning Center (fully robot equipped)
  • Machine Center (Vertical, 2 pallet spec)
  • Machine Center (Horizontal、2 pallet spec)
  • Machine Center (Horizontal、6 pallet spec, size: 650)
  • Machine Center (Horizontal、6 pallet spec, size: 550)
  • Upright Drilling Machine
  • Drill Press
  • Tapping Drilling Machine
  • NC Centerless Grinding Machine(with auto loader)
  • Fully Auto Welder (Ar-CO2) 
  • 6 Axis Robot Welder
  • External Cylindrical Grinding Machine Φ450X650mm
  • Cutter Grinding Machine  
  • NCLathe (Robot 390kg, Φ450X1500mm)
  • Tool Grinidng Machine
  • Hardness meter(Micro Vickers、Shore、Superficial)
  • Raughness meter
  • Thickness meter
  • Shot Blast Machine (Rotary table type)
  • 3D Measuring Measuring Instrument
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