Smart Factory

Machine Protection

Pulse NG

Machine Protection Unit (Mechanical Collision Detection System) PulseNG Kit able to stop the machine instantly once the machine overloads and collidation is detected. This kit is possible to judge the situation at the time of detection with log data analysis. Pulse NG kit minimizes machine damage and also reduce operation shutdowns.

Machine Diagnosis

Wifi Box

Mechanical Diagnostic Unit (Machine Maintenance Tool)
WifiBox is using MEMS triaxial acceleration sensor to detect abnormal vibrations and wear of machine tools, wirelessly. With early detection of machine abnormality, machine life span will be longer but maintenance time shorter.

Monitoring System


Manufacturing Process Monitoring kit SPECTRA uses various sensors to optimize the machine protection and process.
By monitoring and visualizing the processes, tool life can be made predictable, leads to plant cost reduction and productivity improvement.



Masterlink is an intelligent solution that supports Industry 4.0. It supports the digitalizing production operations at production sites and enables data sharing and analyzing. It enables production control, tool control, quality control, process control, and can optimize the limited production resources such as people, equipment and time according to the situation.

IoT devices


Tibbo-pi is a combination of Tibbo Project System (TPS) and raspberry Pi. This module-based approach saves you money by allowing you to precisely define the data you only want. With its flexibility , IoT developing process will be much easier. Example of the data that can be collected are machine operation status, operator's body temperature, weights etc.