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Enhancing Precision in Manufacturing: Importance of Machine Maintenance for High Accuracy

2024.06.25  japanmachineservicemachinemachineserviceRotary Milling Machine

In the realm of manufacturing, achieving consistent and high-precision machining is paramount. To uphold this precision, regular machine maintenance becomes indispensable. This necessity is particularly pronounced for older machines or those lacking manufacturer support, demanding operators with apt knowledge and technical acumen. A prevalent challenge in many machining environments is backlash adjustment, a pivotal calibration impacting machining precision significantly.

At Seibu Shoko, we leverage our extensive knowledge and technical prowess to cater to backlash adjustments, even for legacy machines without manufacturer support.

In this article, we delve into a real-world case of backlash adjustment we successfully managed.

Repair Case Overview

  • Manufacturer: Mizoguchi Machine
  • Machine Type: Rotary Milling Machine
  • Model Number: MKN800HR
  • Request: Backlash Adjustment
  • Issue: Backlash of 0.05mm in manual mode and 0.02mm in rapid feed mode
  • Result: Backlash reduced to 0-0.01mm in both manual and rapid feed modes

Background and Client Engagement

We received a request from Company A, a Kansai-based manufacturer specializing in processing industrial machine parts. They owned a Mizoguchi Machine rotary milling machine manufactured over 40 years ago. Facing significant backlash issues, they sought our assistance as they were unsure about ongoing manufacturer support.

Despite their attempts to address the problem internally, including encoder replacement and guide adjustments, the issue persisted. This led to machining parts larger than required, necessitating gradual adjustments and increasing labor hours.

Why Choose Seibu Shoko

Company A opted for Seibu Shoko due to our expertise in handling older machine repairs. As a trusted service partner of Mizoguchi Machine Works, we collaborate seamlessly for technical support and documentation.

Repair Process and Outcomes

Through an on-site assessment, we identified wear in the ball screw as the root cause of the backlash. Instead of an immediate ball screw replacement, we tightened components and adjusted CNC parameters, resulting in a significant reduction in backlash.

Customer Feedback and Future Recommendations

The client expressed satisfaction with our diagnosis and efficiency in reducing unnecessary labor. We recommended regular maintenance to prevent future issues and offered support for any future ball screw replacements.

Comprehensive Support at Seibu Shoko

At Seibu Shoko, we prioritize addressing backlash issues and maintaining older machines through retrofitting and diligent maintenance practices. Our services encompass preventive and predictive maintenance, along with seamless parts procurement.

For further information or inquiries about our services, please contact us through our website.

How to Request Our Services

  1. Contact Us: Fill out our inquiry form with your product details and specific requirements.
  2. Estimate Preparation: We will provide an estimate based on response time, required parts, and potential travel costs for on-site assessments.
  3. Parts Procurement: If necessary, we will procure replacement parts.
  4. Repair Visit: Our skilled technicians will conduct repairs on-site, ensuring optimal functionality and precision.

For comprehensive support in addressing backlash issues and maintaining legacy machines, Seibu Shoko is your trusted partner.