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Exploring the Boundless Potential of Diamond Coatings: A Partnership with GFD

2024.02.16  cutting toolsmaterialNEWS

Seibu Shoko Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce an exciting collaboration with Gesellschaft für Diamantprodukte mbH (GFD), aimed at expanding the utilization of GFD’s advanced diamond coatings across Japan and Asia. This partnership represents a significant step forward in our mission to introduce cutting-edge technologies to industries throughout the region.

Diamond, renowned for its exceptional material properties, holds immense potential for various applications. With the highest thermal conductivity at room temperature, surpassing that of copper by 4-5 times, diamond offers unparalleled heat dissipation capabilities. Its outstanding electrical insulation properties and remarkable hardness further enhance its suitability for diverse industrial uses.

Mechanical Properties: Diamond’s status as the hardest material in the world, coupled with exceptional wear resistance and a very low coefficient of friction, makes it ideal for cutting edges in machining and non-cutting material processing. Additionally, it serves as the “material of choice” for microtechnologically manufactured components, including diamond micro gears.

Chemical Resistance: Diamond’s extreme chemical resistance makes it inert to all known acids and bases, even at high temperatures. This resistance, coupled with its exceptional mechanical properties, makes it ideal for various applications in technology, medicine, and chemistry.

Electrical Properties: Undoped diamond exhibits a specific electrical resistance approximately 10 orders of magnitude higher than that of monocrystalline ultra-pure silicon, owing to its large band gap of 5.45 eV. While doping with acceptor atoms allows for p-type diamond, challenges remain for n-type diamond production. However, diamond’s charge carrier mobility exceeds that of silicon, making it promising for electronic applications.

Thermal Properties: Diamond’s exceptional thermal conductivity, approximately 4-5 times greater than copper at room temperature, makes it invaluable for industrial applications, especially in the semiconductor industry. Its high thermal conductivity and electrical insulation capacity enable its use as a heat spreader in high-performance electronic components.

Optical Properties: Diamond’s high transparency across a wide optical range, from the far infrared to the deep ultraviolet spectral range, coupled with its high thermal conductivity, make it an ideal window and lens material for high-power lasers and intense radiation sources.

Through this collaboration, Seibu Shoko Co., Ltd. aims to leverage GFD’s expertise in industrial-scale manufacturing of high-quality diamond coatings to meet the growing demand for advanced materials in Japan and Asia. By integrating these innovative coatings into our product lines, we seek to enhance the performance and reliability of a wide range of applications, driving technological advancement and innovation throughout the region.

This partnership underscores our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technologies to our customers, empowering them to stay at the forefront of their respective industries. Together with GFD, we are excited to explore the vast potential of diamond coatings and drive technological advancement throughout Japan and Asia.